Heart and History in Vernon’s Downtown Culinary and Beverage Scene

It’s not difficult to find the heart in Vernon’s food and beverage scene; its vibrancy pulses with mouth-watering aromas and trendy gathering places in the Downtown core. If you are looking for global cuisine look no further than our very own main street. From Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Chinese to Thai, Vietnamese, Cajun, Ukrainian, English, or Hawaiian BBQ the whole world is at your fingertips! In Vernon, you are able to travel the globe without ever packing a suitcase or buying a plane ticket. Let your taste buds dance across the world from the comfort of your own backyard. Regardless of what style of food you prefer you will be able to find it in the heart of the North Okanagan! With new restaurants popping up every year there is no telling what will open next!

Wait. Stop. Inhale. Coffee? Yes! Check out one of Downtown Vernon’s may different and independent coffee shops. Fresh food and baked goods are made daily in-house and many of the enterprising owner-friends source local ingredients when possible! Whether it be Triumph Coffee, Ratio Coffee, and Pastry, Bean Scene Coffee House, or Bean to Cup be sure to grab a cup of hot (or cold) joe and take in the flavors of local coffee houses.

If tea is more your drink of choice head down to Teassential! Try over 130 varieties of tea some of which are blended in-house! They pride themselves in having an option for everyone and offering a comfortable space for visitors and locals alike to explore the rich and dynamic flavors of kombucha, matcha, bubble tea and so much more!

Still looking for a different type of brew? The Marten Brewpub will introduce you to the delights of artisan craft ales, lagers, and stouts produced right on the main street of Vernon’s historic downtown. Sample any one of their incredible local and uniquely inspired creations and discover how they “tap into the source!” 

Olive Us Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room beckons you to leisurely smell and taste their array of gourmet delights. Stocked with oils, vinegar, pasta, and salts, the owners encourage sampling to ensure you take home exactly what you’re in the mood for. Award-winning Alonso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium, Harissa Infused Olive Oil, Espresso Balsamic Vinegar, or Artisanal Serrano Honey Vinegar will leave your palate wanting more. If you find yourself in need of inspiration for any course, explore the recipes and product tasting notes on their website.

Now that your stomach and taste buds have been satisfied it is time to take in a unique cultural experience. Choose from dozens of family owned and operated boutiques and shops in the downtown core. Experience a time warp as you meander through Vernon’s new and young businesses while admiring their older architecture. Our city’s history can be thoroughly experienced through a downtown mural walk. Twenty-nine expressive paintings, mostly painted by Michelle Lowry, tell a pictorial tale of Vernon’s coming of age. From cowboys of the 1860s to faces of war, a winter scene honoring the Nordic Ski Club, and the family behind one of Vernon’s most mysterious homes, these murals are intriguing to history buffs and art lovers alike. Every corner seems to take you to another time, another community milestone.



PC: Downtown Vernon Association




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