A Mardi Gras Vernon Winter Carnival

We know you can’t believe it but, yes, February is upon us! Winter has set in here in Vernon BC! The ski slopes are open, and everybody is happily enjoying the blessings winter brings! But snow isn’t the only thing that happens during the winter here, the 56th annual Vernon Winter Carnival is an event that everybody looks forward to! (Feature Image PC : Vernon Winter Carnival Society Facebook Page)

The Vernon Winter Carnival is a 10 day carnival, consisting of multiple events like a Snow Sculpture Competition (shown below) at Silver Star Mountain Resort, Hot Air Balloon Fiesta & Glow, Winter Carnival Parade, Dinner carnival 367Theatres, Pianographicus, Downtown Vernon Broomball Tournament, Outdoor Skating Party, Classic Peewee Hockey Tournament and many others! Almost all of these events are for people of all ages and all the members of your family! This year’s theme is “A Mardi Gras Carnival”, and the events begin on February 5th and go until February 14th, with a full day of scheduled events for each day! You can choose to attend one event or all of them! Certain events occur more than once like the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, others take place over a period of a few days like the Snow Sculpture Competition, some are only happen once during the carnival like the Winter Carnival Parade or the Hot Air Balloon Glow!

One of the most popular events is the Winter Carnival Parade! The 56th annual Parade will be held Saturday, February 6th at 12 noon sharp! This event is located in blog3downtown Vernon, it’s a free event that showcases some amazing floats supported and built by multiple non-profit organizations, local businesses, sports teams, multicultural groups and dance/music teams. The parade last’s about a half-hour and makes its route through 27th street on 31st! This year’s theme is “A Mardi Gras Carnival”, so get ready to see lots of crazy costumes! With tons of great music, and you can vote for the “Best Parade Spirit” this is the largest free event of the Vernon Carnival, and is great for any & all ages!

Another popular event is the Hot Air Balloon Glow, which will be held on February 5th IMGP6930at 5:30pm in Polson Park. Your family can enjoy the wonder and mystery of the hot air balloons as they light up the winter sky! This event follows the Coronation of Queen Silver Star LVI, which takes place at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre February 4th at 7pm. It lasts about a half-hour, and is perfect for the whole family!  An event that will truly mesmerize you with just a glance is the annual Snow Sculpture Competition held at Silver Star! You can come by and watch their progress through Friday February 5th to Sunday, February 7th, and even help determine which sculpture should receive the “People’s Choice Award”! It’s an event that your family will love to watch and keep up with! Snow being turned into art….does it get any better than that?!? There are plenty more events you and your family can attend, don’t miss out on the excitement this February!


If you’ve never been to the Vernon Winter Carnival, here’s your chance! Check out the Tourism Vernon Site for full event listings not just for Carnival but for all of Vernon all year round! There are so many unforgettable events and activities to attend for your whole family! It only last 10 days, so plan a trip down to Vernon B.C with your loved ones, and enjoy the festive fun Vernon has to offer!



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