Fall Foraging & Fun Mushroom Adventures


Do fungi make you feel fuzzy inside?

Foraging for mushrooms is growing in popularity. The Okanagan offers an array of mushrooms right at your finger tips! Wild mushrooms love the fall environment and have the potential to bloom like crazy. Mushrooms come in all sizes, shapes, aromas, colors and textures.


Common mushrooms found in the Okanagan include bright orange Lobster mushrooms, Little Honeys and Scaly Chanterelles. Also found in the Okanagan are the highly sought after Morel mushroom and the classic fairy tale mushroom the Red Amanita.

Beautiful Morel Mushrooms

Beautiful Morel Mushrooms

Careful which ones you decide to pick up! Different species on mushrooms can cause nausea, hallucinations and even death when ingested. Although, with the right knowledge and if picked with care mushrooms can be a delicious and safe!

Why not educate yourself a little more? Vernon Visitor Centre on 39th Ave always has Mushroom identification books in stock for self guided mushroom hunt excursions. This is a great way to get the family out into  the pristine forests in our back yard

More information & a helpful map can be found at this link –




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  1. Hi, I can’t seem to open that link for more information & a helpful map. Are others having problems with it too?

    Cheers, Roseanne Van Ee

    http://www.OutdoorDiscoveries.com 250-545-7446

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    Mushrooms are amazing!

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