Halloween Town

Goblins and gremlins, witches and more! Our streets start to stir with the mystery of the creatures that go bump in the night. Best not turn off your night light because this Halloween is going to be a real fright… Come one come all to the city that comes alive!

IMGP5181And11more_tonemappedGet gooey and creative carving your pumpkins this year. Davison Orchard’s  annual pumpkin rides have begun meaning fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner. Take the train to the pumpkin patch and let the farmers help you chose your perfect pumpkin. What creations will you carve up? Its pumpkin season too so don’t forget to stop and grab your pumpkin delights – pumpkin pie, pumpkin steamers, and much, much more.

For those last minute costume frazzled frenzies, or perhaps you don’t quite have the creative touch necessary for your dress-up idea, you’ll find everything you need at the Vernon Public Art Gallery. All you need to bring is your costume idea and have the students from MC College and artist Tanya Lipscomb whip together some real Halloween magic. Hair stylists, make-up artists, even body paint too! You’re sure to leave as an alternate personality.

IMGP5364_5_6_tonemappedGet your fill of thrill at the O’Keefe Corn Maze and Okanagan Science Centre Haunted House. A word of warning from past thrill seekers – this is no cake walk. Be prepared to grip your best friend with one hand and cover your eyes with the other! Experience the dazzling lights, spooky pathways, and real monsters put on by the volunteers and community of the Okanagan Science Centre, as you wind your way through this haunted corn maze.

Oh but that’s not all! No, no not at all this fall! Come out to the Caravan Farm Walk of Terror. Get truly spooked during a walk through the forest. Monsters and creatures alike creep through the woods at night… Keep your heart beats racing following with a live band and horror flick. The Caravan Farm Theatre community pulls out all the stops to give you an evening of terror.

It’s a celebration for everyone to enjoy. We’ve got pumpkins, black cats, haunted houses, and vampire bats. Who knows what you might see this Halloween…

Pumpkin Patch Train Rides
Every Saturday and Sunday in October 10 am to 4 pm
Davison Orchards Country Village & Gift Shop
3111 Davison Rd – (250) 549-3266 (250) 549-2440

Halloween Costume Creations with the Vernon Public Art Gallery
Thursday, October 31st 1 pm to 5 pm
Vernon Public Art Gallery
3228 31 Ave Vernon – (250) 545-3173

O’Keefe Ranch Corn Maze Haunted House
Day Events 11am to 4 pm
Saturday, October 19th, Sunday October 20th,
Saturday, October 26th, Sunday, October 27th
Evening Events 6 pm to 9 pm
Saturday, October 19th, Friday, October 25th,
Saturday, October 26th, Wednesday, October 30th
Historic O’Keefe Ranch
9380 Hwy 97 N – (250) 542-7868

Caravan Farm Theatre 10th Annual Walk of Terror
Saturday, October 26th 6:30 pm
Caravan Farm Theatre
4886 Salmon River Road – (866) 311-1011


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